Let's enjoy together the pleasures of life and spend unforgettable moments.

My practices are hidden in famous French pastry names. Each person will have their own interpretation, what will be yours and will it be the right one? To find out, come meet me.


1h30: 550 EUR | 750 CHF
Le Succès Français de Gabriella, un Éclair bien enrobé, votre Madeleine de Proust, la succulente tarte Tatin, le mystérieux Paris Brest.

2h: 750 EUR | 950 CHF
All above - la dévouée Religieuse, la chorégraphie du Millefeuille, l'indécente Langue de chat, le festin des Mignardises (only included here).

3h: 950 EUR | 1150 CHF¹
All above - le St Honoré revisité, votre Crème Princesse et mes Macarons, extra Crème fouettée, le livre sacré l'Ambassadeur, le retour de l'Éclair chocolaté (not required), la Charlotte costumée selon vos désirs (only included here).

4h: 1400 EUR | 1600 CHF¹
All above (except extra Crème fouetté) - la méditation sensuelle du Diplomate, la Chouquette rose (to taste without moderation), Champagne dorée (included not required), la farandole des 2 Choux (included not required).

6h: 2500 EUR | 2700 CHF¹
Tout ce qui précède - extra Crème fouettée, la farandole des 3 Choux (included not required) - mon Puits d'amour et son diamant, l'Opéra et ses convives (included not required).

¹(includes dinner, lunch or outing)
Additional hour: 300 EUR | 500 CHF


12h: 4200 EUR | 4400 CHF
All of the above - La Charlotte façon Versailles, Le Diplomate au 7e ciel.
24h: 7000 EUR | 9000 CHF
48h: 9000 EUR | 11 000 CHF
24h Additional hour: 3000 EUR | 5000 CHF


Le festin des Mignardises - la méditation sensuelle du Diplomate - Champagne doré - L'opéra et ses convives - Le retour de l'Éclair au chocolat - Le Diplomate au 7e ciel - La Chouquette rose (to taste without moderation) - Pâtisserie érotique « À vos tabliers, enduisez-moi », Orgie de gourmandises, La Charlotte costumée selon vos désirs, L'Opéra et ses convives.
Each supplement: add 30% to the price of the service
(only for supplements not mentioned or not included in the service)


My passport is ready !
For a tailor-made service, do not hesitate to contact me please inquire and sending me travel informations.


Consult me ​​directly by email with clear and precise request ! Thank you.


Note: I require a deposit for all bookings to secure our time and filter out fake-bookers. This can be paid via several discreet methods (by bank transfer, bank card with 3% fee).
Deposit of 25%
Deposit of 50%
(services beyond 3 hours, for the traval, weekends and FMTY)


My discretion your privacy is very important. I have never divulged and will never divulge any information.
A confidentiality agreement can be signed if necessary.
Meetings beyond 3 hours and travel, identity verification required.
A photo of your identity card or passport with your name, surname, age and photo of yourself and a LinkedIn profile (a link to your profile).

Thanks for understanding


Travel costs apply to the city of Aix-en-Provence and the surrounding area
Trips less than 50km: 75€

South-East of France
2 hours minimum within a radius of more than 50 km from Aix-en-Provence
3 hours minimum within a radius of 51 to 100 km from Aix-en-Provence
4 hours minimum within a radius of more than 100 km from Aix-en-Provence
6 hours minimum within a radius of more than 130 km from Aix-en-Provence
South West of France: 6 hours minimum
North West of France: 8 hours minimum
Northeast of France: 8 hours minimum
Corsica: 24 hours minimum
Monaco: 12 hours minimum
Paris: 6 hours minimum
Switzerland: 12 hours minimum
Europe: 24 hours minimum
International: at least 48 hours

Accommodation costs and travel costs will be entirely your responsibility. (4/5 star hotel, plane or train tickets, Uber/taxi etc)


Cancellation by you: Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to another date and time.
In the very rare event that I have to cancel, I will immediately refund your deposit or, if possible, rearrange a more suitable time.

“There is no charm eqaul to the tenderness of the heart“. Jane Austen


Seduction is an art that I like to practice, and I also like to be seduced. Although gifts are not obligatory, I am very sensitive to gestures of gallantry.

Thank you to the gentlemen, who offered me presents and who remind me of the exquisite moments we spent together.

Keeper of all your secrets, realizer of dreams, your chocolate sweetness ...